Copper und copper alloys


Copper alloys are the following compositions from Copper with other elements:

  • Copper – Zinc (CuZn10 … CuZn40)
  • Copper – Tin (CuSn4 … CuSn8); also called P-bronze
  • Copper – Nickel (CuNi6 … CuNi44Mn1) – resistance alloys
  • Copper – Nickel - Zinc (German silver, Nickel silver, alpaca … CuNiZn)
  • Copper – Aluminium
  • Copper – Silicon

Not possible for inline annealing are alloys with lead (Pb). Lead is not soluble in Copper and makes exclusion on the grain boundaries. In the annealing process by temperatures over 327.4°C the lead is molten and the material breaks. Typical alloys are CuZn36Pb or CuNi7Zn39Pb3Mn2

Main applications:

  • Welding wires (CuSi3Mn; CuAl8 or other Cu-Al-alloys)
  • EDM-wires based of CuZn (hard to soft)
  • Spring wires (CuSn; CuNiZn)
  • Resistance wires (CuNi-alloys
  • Electronic contacts, battery pins, zip wires, Costume jewellery
  • Wires for automotive cables