Metals and Alloys (examples)

From numerous experiments it could be deduced that alloys for inline heat treatment at high speeds are also suitable.

However, there are significant differences between these alloys in terms of the required annealing temperature and the specific resistance, so that different annealing voltages are required in the annealing process, also depending on the speed.

With the transformer annealer, a wide voltage spectrum can be displayed via the coil configuration. This makes it possible to set the required annealing voltage as a function of the speed for a wide variety of alloys.

Possible fields of application of the transformer annealer

  • CuZn15; CuZn20; CuZn30
  • CuZn36 / CuZn37; CuZn40
nickel silver

CuNi12Zn24; CuNi18Zn20

heating- and resistance alloys
  • Ni
  • CuNi44Mn1; CuNi30Mn3
  • CuNi2; CuNi6; CuNi10
precious metals and its alloys
  • Ag; Ag+SnO2; AgCu7.5
  • Au-alloys; Pt-alloys
bronze (based on tin, aluminium, silicon)
  • CuSn2; CuSn4; CuSn6; CuSn8
  • CuAl5; CuAl8; CuAl8Ni1
  • CuSi3Mn1
copper and low alloyed copper alloys

Cu; CuMg0.4; CuSiMn1

composite wire

Cu+Al; Cu+Fe(if); Cu+Ni